Human Resources and Employment Law Services

Selecting the right Resource
Selecting the right Resource

More often, core business activity is distracted by usually administrative matters, and is often related to implementing and maintaining effective human resources (HR) processes and procedures. It is norm that, regardless of size, industry or sector, a skilled, competent, high-performing and content workforce creates and sustains your business success. Otherwise, could prejudice your business success. Management team can feel pulled in different directions as you all struggle to remain up to date with the latest HR legislation while still remaining competitive. Consider employing an HR consultant to implement and oversee your HR strategy.

Professional Services

Employing a SI-RM HR consultant enables you to relax, safe in the knowledge that your company is compliant with all of the current regulations and that all of your HR issues are being taken care of, whilst you can focus on what you do best – that is running your company. SI-RM do not use ‘off the shelf’ solutions as rarely do they fit your business, too many people want you to change your business to fit their Services advice or deliverables – we don’t. All of our Services is specifically designed for, and agreed by, you – the Client. SI-RM has extensive experience of assisting Clients in this way, and can assist you in the following areas of your HR challenges:

Strategic HR Services

Strategic HR Services provide support for you to develop HR strategy in line with your business objectives. Strategic HR is a broad term, some of the activities you may expect to get us involved with include, but are not limited to:

  • acquisitions / large scale staff transfers; forecasting and preparing for capacity and skill needs; HR management plan; HR objectives; HR performance measurement; HR policies; HR project planning HR strategy planning; site closures / sale of business;
  • succession planning;

Operational HR Services

Operational HR Services provides advice and support to your managers and staff in the application of all HR policies. Operational HR refers to day-to-day HR issues relating to implementing agreed policies and procedures within your business, some of the activities you may expect to get us involved with include, but are not limited to:

  • acceptable use policies; contract reviews; disciplinary handling; employment contracts; employment handbooks; engaging employees in change. grievance handling; health and safety; HR procedure development and maintenance; on-site delivery support; performance appraisals; redundancy and restructures; sickness and absence management; training and development; Tribunal claims support; TUPE Transfers;
  • workplace mediation;

Training and Development Services

Getting the most out of your managers and employees is critical to the success of your business. Therefore training, coaching and ongoing development of your staff is pivotal to your success. Training and development doesn’t necessarily mean putting your staff in a classroom all day, it can incorporate various other tools such as:

  • business briefings; commercial awareness sessions; computer based learning reinforcement; mentoring; on-the-job training; providing mentoring and coaching opportunities; soft skills initiatives and development; team work initiatives and development; work experience;
  • work shadowing.

We can help with your training and development needs through a variety of means such as:

  • performing training needs analysis (TNA); providing recommendations for future training and development; providing soft skills training; providing tailored courses to meet your needs; providing training for managers and employees;

working with you to develop your training and development strategy;