Litigation and Arbitration Support


One of the major costs of litigation and arbitration is the extensive Discovery process.

Traditionally performed exclusively by the solicitors acting for the parties involved it is often labour and time intensive. Once records are identified as being of interest, the documents are then frequently passed onto expert witnesses for comment and clarification.

Professional Services

SIRM has extensive experience of working with the legal profession and providing quality, cost effective and high quality assistance to the litigation and arbitration process.

We are experienced in the provision of expert and factual testimony and written expert opinion.

SIRM team members have testified as Expert Witnesses in proceedings (civil and criminal) USA.


We approach each case in the same manner:

you make an approach to us to undertake a case;
case information is obtained so that a quotation can be prepared;
the proposal is sent to you who accept or reject it;
assuming it is accepted, the relevant evidence is securely conveyed to us;
the appropriate work is carried out and either a report or statement is prepared, depending on your requirements
a dialogue is maintained throughout the process as further instructions are usually required based on discovery of evidence;
a SIRM Expert Witness attends relevant meetings for the case and attends court;
the expert gives evidence if required;
the case is closed and original evidence is securely returned to you.

The benefits of using SIRM for litigation and arbitration support is that they are:

competent, having relevant experience and undergoing the CUBS diploma;
continuously improving their services as they undertake Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and submit this to their relevant professional bodies;
experts at report writing and evidence presentation;
independent and owe their duty of care to the Court;
peer reviewed with feedback left on their performance in cases they have undertaken;
vetted prior to being allowed on the expert witness registers;