Expert Witness Services


As legislation increases, so the number of legal claims increases. SIRM , has extensive background in forensic evidence recovery and the provision of Expert Witness reports and services for digital forensic cases.An ‘Expert Witness’ is an individual who has special training or experience in a specific field and is permitted to state his or her opinion concerning those technical matters even though he or she was not present at the event. This is different to a ‘witness of fact’ who can only present what they actually witnessed and not give opinions.The key to providing an effective service of this type is in the training given to those who will appear in court or write expert reports. Forensic Computing Expert Witnesses attend the dedicated training through Bond Solon on report writing, oral evidence and cross examination.

All of forensic recovery work is carried out in our , which is certified to:

Our civil expert work is carried out under the Civil Procedure Rules Part 35 or equivalent depending upon the jurisdiction. We comply with the current ACPO guidelines for digital forensics.Out team hold the following forensic certifications:

ApproachWe approach each case in the same manner:

The benefits of using a SIRM Expert Witness are that they are:

The objective of the DPA is to control the collection, storage and use of personal data.