Secured Disposal

The old computing equipment has to be legally disposed of; and the data that was stored on it securely erased. There are a plethora of requirements (legislative, regulatory, best practice and also internal) that provide drivers for this process. Redundant IT equipment can be: recycled; resold; securely destroyed.

Organizations have a legal responsibility to dispose of redundant equipment responsibly and ensure that the data held on such equipment is securely deleted, especially is it contains ‘personal data’ within the meaning of the Data Protection Act. The Information Commissioner has recently been given the power to award fines ¬†for breached of the DPA. Professional Services SIRM , through its partnership with N2S, can provide a one stop disposal service for you so you can rest assured that all of your corporate data has been securely wiped and that your redundant equipment s either securely disposed of or recycled.

SIRM and N2S have fully qualified IT technicians who can decommission your redundant equipment for disposal or removal to another location. SIRM , through N2S, can offer the following services: all computer equipment and some other office and household equipment is subject to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive. collect your redundant IT equipment;

decommissioning redundant IT equipment in situ; destroy it, in front to you if you require, or off site; dispose of it, as appropriate; provide an environmentally friendly disposal service; provide complete documented audit trail, providing traceability, accountability and transparency, of the disposal process; recycle it, as appropriate; secure erasure is carried out according to US government requirements (US DoD 52220.22-M and Infosec 5 “The Enhanced Standard, respectively) ;

securely erase the data on your hardware, in front of you if you require or off site; Approach We approach each project in the same manner: agree the assets to be disposed of; agree the disposal process that you require; agree the data wiping method, as appropriate; destroy equipment in front of you, if required; wipe media in front of you, if required; provide an asset register of equipment removed;

dispose of equipment as you require; provide disposal certificates for all equipment showing disposal and equipment details; Benefits The benefits of using a SIRM for disposing of your redundant IT equipment are: all disposal certificates will be supplied to you; SIRM and N2S employees are security cleared by HMG SIRM and/or N2S are certified to ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS 25999;

SIRM and/or N2S have the capability to perform disposals or secure erasures on site, if you require; SIRM and/or N2S hold the relevant ‘Waste Carrier’, Waste Management’ and Hazardous Goods’ licenses SIRM and/or N2S hold the ‘safe contractor’ accreditation; SIRM employees are trained computer technicians who can decommission your hardware in situ; that on collection we provide the appropriate paperwork, including a Note and Hazardous Waste Consignment

Note, which all have to be signed by officers of both companies authorising and agreeing the transfer; that you will have fully documented disposal certificate for all of your redundant IT equipment (asset lists, disposal certificates, consignment notes, WEEE reports, etc);

that your disposals can provide a revenue stream back to you as well as the ability to sleep soundly at night knowing your data has been securely disposed f as part of your redundant IT disposal process; to provide a complete end to end disposal service for your redundant IT equipment. we carry out all our disposals with due regard to our environmental policy and our Social Responsibility policy;

we will produce a comprehensive asset report for every collection that includes all major IT assets;

you can demonstrate your ‘green credentials;

you will not e at risk from unauthorised data leakage and the consequences of it from your redundant IT equipment; your disposal process will be legally compliant with relevant legislation.