Software Asset Management

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) must be respected throughout the world. This especially applies to software in use and this can be controlled by effective Software Asset Management (SAM), in fact there is an ISO Standard that covers this – ISO 19770.

SAM provides SIRM Clients with an effective and vital business process that provides a management solution for effective management, control, and protection of software assets as well as ensuring legislative compliance.

If you are unsure of:

  • how many PCs, servers or laptops you have in your organisation;
  • how you control unauthorised downloads from the internet
  • what software is installed in your organisation;
  • what software is licensed to your organisation;
  • who can install what software on your network

Then you should be thinking of SIRM ‘s SAM service.

Professional Services

SIRM ‘s SAM process can:

  • Regain Control – of corporate systems, provide transparency of licensing, allow software planning, reduce redundancy, stop version conflicts and increase stability;
  • Reduce Risks – protect the IT environment, ensuring legislative compliance, minimise authorised software threats, reduce over-licensing costs, reduce security threats;
  • Increase Efficiency – improve user efficiency, reduce Service Desk calls, improve effectiveness of business continuity plans, optimise performance, standardise software.

SIRM can provide an initial assessment (or Gap Analysis) or assist a Client with developing a SAM process, review and modify an existing SAM process or audit an existing SAM process to optimise it by a process of remediation.

A number of SIRM ‘s Consultants hold the Certified Software Manager (CSM) certification, giving assurance of independent, concise and relevant Services that is vendor neutral.

SIRM has experience in implementing this standard for its Clients.


Using the Approach to SAM covers:

  • defining the scope of the SAM project;
  • determine any over purchasing of software;
  • determine the shortfall in licenses;
  • determining the legislative requirements;
  • documenting appropriate processes;
  • identify optimisation and cost savings available by better software management in your organisation;
  • implementing recommended solutions;
  • perform a full audit of all available software in your organisation (installed or not);
  • performing a gap analysis to determine where your implemented processes and procedures fail to meet either your internal procedures or legislation;
  • providing plans to address the issues raised;
  • providing processes to assure ongoing compliance and optimised use of software within your organisation;
  • providing training and awareness for all of your employees on software use issues and licensing;
  • understanding your internal software asset management processes and procedures;


The Approach ensures optimal software use within your organisation by:

  • ensuring legislative compliance for all software in use in your company;
  • optimise licensing agreements for how you use your software;
  • providing processes and procedures to facilitate ongoing compliance and effective use audits of your software;
  • ensuring employee awareness of software licensing issues;
  • cost reduction from optimising software use within your organisation;
  • removing the threat of legal action from unauthorised use of software;

All of the SIRM consultants are qualified and have the required competence to meet the needs of our Clients.